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Pain & Inflammation

The pain & Inflammation panel helps you to overcome general inflammation-related issues by analyzing your genetic data.

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Pain & Inflammation complete helps you to overcome the general inflammation related issues by analysing your genetic data. 

Inflammation is one way our body fights infection, injury, and disease. Sometimes, due to some specific mutations, inflammation can become a much more painful compared to the other persons.   


Pain & Inflammation Report
♦ This report can be purchased digitally if you already have done the genome sequencing using Gut Health Complete or Gut + Mental health Complete package.
♦ Comprehensive, 203-page analysis on your inflammation related issues.

DNA Analysis & Pain and Inflammation Report
♦ Up to 80 million genetic variants are analyzed to provide you with the most insightful information on various inflammations based on your genetic information.
♦ 11 different reports to give insight on pain and inflammation
   -    Inflammation
   -    Chronic pain
   -    Back pain
   -    Shoulder and neck pain
   -    Joint inflammation
   -    Joint pain
   -    Gum inflammation (Disease)
   -    Gout
   -    Migraine
   -    Tinnitus
   -    Headache


Meal Plan, Food and Supplement Recommendations (when available) 
♦ Your personalized list of recommended foods and supplements (& what to avoid) as well as recommendation to manage pain and inflammation.


Actionable Health Data
♦ Actionable health data and/or recommendation to manage pain and inflammation.